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Use cases

AIM puts a great deal of effort in assisting its clients in all their software needs. Below are some real life examples on how we take our clients’ wishes to heart, while working towards a solution that satisfies the end user.

Content management

So your app is finally done, it works well and is stable, but now you need content. To do this, you will need to create, test and distribute the content to users, preferably without making them download a new version of the app every time you add new content.
Find out how we solved this complex issue by building an app for our client’s content creators and setting up an online distribution solution that their existing apps could use.


One of AIM’s clients is active in the indoor cycling industry. So far they could offer a comprehensive indoor training experience, but while functional, it felt a bit lonely to users, after many hours of indoor cycling.
After all, the fun part of cycling outside is doing so with other people, so it sounded they needed something where users could cycle together… it sounded like they needed multiplayer.

Finding content

Offering a large library of content to users brings its own problems, e.g. a user might feel overwhelmed by long lists or complex filtering options. To alleviate this problem for one of our clients, we decided to go into a totally different direction: visualising the content on a world map.

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